After-school Tutoring

  • After-school Tutoring:
    RCDA worked with CCRA (Chinese Christian Relief Association) 1919 program to tutor children in completing home-works. Ms. Eunice Chen is in charge of this program with helps from Guogou coworkers. This program aims at helping children to improve their analytical skills and improve their knowledge learned from the school classes.
  • Life education and Character building:
    Teach children’s self-awareness, gender difference and social manners, self-protection, problem solving, social skills, inter-personal communications,and human-environmental relationship, etc. to mold good characters, to improve emotional control and to enhance inter-personal relationships.
  • Family visit and Care:
    Through family visit to understand the interactions of family members. The staff then use this data in helping the children to adjust their daily living styles and to face crisis situations. This effort enhances the family function and forms a supporting system.

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